An Employee Engagement Alternative to Survey Monkey

ShowUp Team | Published: September 22, 2020
Employee Engagement

When people think surveys, they think Survey Monkey. And rightfully so, they are great at producing well-constructed online surveys; it's in their name.

However, when it comes to employee engagement surveys, you must be very cautious of employee's time, patience, and privacy.

Before pressing the send button on another company questionnaire to help measure how your team feels about your culture, consider the following questions below and try our employee engagement alternative to Survey Monkey.

Why do employee engagement surveys matter?

There's no denying that Survey Monkey is excellent at delivering free online surveys of all different varieties. Gathering feedback is their claim to fame.

ShowUp specializes in free employee engagement surveys specifically targeted at measuring company culture. Most importantly, instead of gathering feedback, ShowUp helps give employees a voice.

Giving your employees a voice uncovers the assumptions about your workplace culture that you may not be aware of. You will learn which parts of your culture align with your company's beliefs and values and some that may not. ShowUp will use these insights to point you to the resources you need that will help guide improvement for your culture and create more engaged employees.

What do employee engagement surveys measure?

Survey Monkey provides templated employee engagement questions that are generic.

With topics validated by a psychology professor, ShowUp asks specific questions proven to measure fundamental components of workplace culture.

Some of the culture metrics ShowUp measures are Trust, Passion, Innovation, Alignment, Respect and Transparency. We broke these culture metrics down and developed questions we ask your team members.

For example, Trust is a metric that our research shows is the glue to hold and strengthen the structure of your team as a whole. An example of that is with trust your team reduces the time to make and discuss key issues as each individual trusts in the judgement and expertise of their colleagues. To learn more about the other metrics we measure check out this link on our site.

How do you interpret employee engagement survey results?

By simply tabulating the results, Survey Monkey leaves you to decipher what the numbers mean.

ShowUp compiles the ongoing employee engagement pulse results and will show trends over time, highlighting areas where your company culture can improve. Using cutting-edge analytics, ShowUp explains why these areas are important and will save you time by providing you with a list of reliable resources to help get you started.

How effective are employee surveys?

Employee engagement surveys are only effective if the results lead to positive change within the organization.

After the survey results are in, Survey Monkey has done its job. There is no enlightened path to helping you make the change that your company culture deserves.

With a continually evolving library of resources, ShowUp provides an exhaustive list of books, podcasts, and videos explicitly targeted to the aspects of your company culture that you want to improve. ShowUp is the tool that evolves beside your company culture.

Do your employees have the environment they need to thrive?

Is your company transparent? Is everyone aligned? Is mutual respect fostered? Can they be innovative? Is leadership trusted? Are they passionate about their work? Are you aware of your "unwritten rules"?

Not sure? Then it's time to start listening. Ignoring your culture can negatively affect your turnover rate, growth, and your bottom line.

Are Survey Monkey surveys anonymous and confidential?

Survey Monkey includes ways to help you track respondents of your employee engagement surveys. While it may look anonymous, Survey Monkey surveys are not always private. And once you've lost the trust of anonymity with the team, it's challenging to get it back.

Understanding that getting an employee's highly guarded opinion of their job yields the best result, ShowUp guarantees that ALL surveys are anonymous. Survey emails are sent with zero trackings, and all responses are kept confidential. We believe in this so much we wrote it into our terms of service.

Why do most employee engagement surveys fail?

At 42 questions, Survey Monkey's Employee Engagement Survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. People are busy, and for the most part, don't like to fill in surveys. Especially surveys that take so much time and effort to complete.

ShowUp asks 6 topic-specific questions per survey each week. A quick pulse of your employee's engagement is taken in a few seconds instead of 15 minutes. The questions are carefully changed with each survey, which ensures it stays fresh. Employees feel like they have a voice with little interruption to their workday.

With a weekly pulse survey you can consistently take the temperature of your team and address any issues that arise on the spot instead of having them fester and build up. You can spot trends over time to see if the actions you are taking to improve your culture are working.

Building a habit of innovation is one that takes time, with our weekly pulse set up you are building this habit in your employees, giving them a voice to be heard and giving your managers the chance to be the best leaders they can be.

Having an employee engagement survey once a year is simply just not enough. Employee retention is a top priority for organizations, without being able to check in with how your team views your cultural climate you risk their happiness, trust and satisfaction, which are all proven to increase overall productivity up to 20%.

How do you create an employee engagement survey?

With Survey Monkey, you are responsible for creating a survey, grab the survey link, and manually send it out to your team.

With ShowUp you don’t have to create anything, our automated team pulse survey software sends out a survey link to your employees weekly. You enter their email addresses once, and the system takes care of the rest. ShowUp notifies you once the results are in and will provide you with a list of resources that help you discover how to take action.

Measuring employee engagement is more than the output they generate. While a healthy bottom-line is good for everyone involved, it doesn't equate to how satisfied or committed employees are to the bigger picture. The most straightforward way to understand your company culture's health is to survey each employee and get a snapshot of their engagement.

So before you send that 42 question survey, consider signing up for ShowUp, it takes only a few minutes to get started. Our team pulse software gives your team a voice, measures your culture and points you to the resources to take action. You deserve the right tool for the right job and ShowUp is the best employee engagement alternative to Survey Monkey. Get early access today.

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